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Chemical Process Pump Control Solutions

All customer requirements were considered in the design of the 3180 paper stock/process pump. The result is a true world-class pumps line. Creating a product without compromise. Consider the advantages:


  • Excellent hydraulic coverage
  • High efficiency
  • Extreme ease of maintenance
  • Optimum mechanical reliability
  • International design


The 3180 operational range offers capacities to 26,000GPM (6000m³/h), heads to 410ft (125m), temperatures to 446°F (230°C) and, pressures to 16bar (232PSIG).The International Design of 3185 pumps complies with ISO 5199 with eight sizes conforming to ISO 2858 dimensions. Metric fasteners and fittings are used throughout.


The 3180 is designed for full 50Hz/60Hz coverage. Features include External Impeller Adjustment, which allows high performance maintained by simple axial adjustment, resulting in lower operating costs and reduced downtime. You also get Sealing Flexibility: Choice of packing, mechanical seals or dynamic seal. Application Flexibility: Choice of open or enclosed impeller. Back pull-out Construction: Spacer-type coupling allows one craft maintenance. Renewable Wear Parts lower maintenance costs. Labyrinth Seals eliminate lubricant contamination for maximum bearing life. Maximum Parts Interchangeability throughout the entire line (uses just four power ends).

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