Fedrigoni Brasil PapAis LTDA

Fedrigoni Brasil PapAis LTDA

Rod. of the Convention, 30 - Salto de São JoséSalto - SP / CEP 13324-240



Tradition in paper production for over a century

We offer papers with a wide variety of colors, formats, textures and weights.

Our papers have coloring applied directly to the mass, which guarantees even more quality and durability of the color over time. They can be used in the most different segments such as Promotional Graphics, Editorial Graphics, Invitations, Crafts, Packaging and Transformers.

Why choose our roles?

COLORED PAPER IN MASSUniformity/purity of color due to the use of selected high quality dyes, which are added in the manufacture of the paper, directly in the pulper and not by subsequent dyeing;

COLOR STANDARDStrict quality controls for all batches produced;

VARIETY OF COLORS AND WEIGHTSWith a wide availability of colors in different weights, allowing to meet the most different needs.

EXCELLENT PRINTABILITYThere are well-controlled properties of roughness, moisture, water absorption, air permeability, pH. High level of ink anchoring. Versatile for all types of printing and application of any technique;

RESISTANCE TO BREAKS AND STRIPESDue to controlled moisture and water absorption properties;

DOES NOT RELEASE “POWDER” WHEN CUTTINGSuitable raw materials (internal gluing) and selected high quality fibers are used in production

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