Fedrigoni Brasil PapAis LTDA

Fedrigoni Brasil PapAis LTDA

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Transform the label into added value to your product.

Fine Label® papers   offer the very best in specialty label papers. This line's main feature is high durability and resistance to abrasion and moisture. 

Fine Label® papers   are present in several types of products, such as: wine, beer, juice and spirits labels ; food, perfume and medicine labels.

The line has three color variations: white, cream and natural with apparent fibers.  

Our technical and specialized knowledge allows us to offer Fine Label Paper® with the most varied embossing, such as: Martelé, Telado, Vergê, Lineal and Feltrado; and also, customized projects according to the client's needs and specifications. 

We are currently present, mainly in the enology and beverage segments in general, and are also prepared to operate in the pharmaceutical, food, perfumery, fashion and luxury markets.

Talk to us to better serve your customer. We can help you understand which paper best fits your needs.

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