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Eska B.V.

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Deep-black and sustainable

Luxury packaging exudes care and dedication. It caresses the eye and invites to touch. Packaging with an alluring design is the introduction of a top quality product. The material for such a packaging has to comply with those characteristics. Eska®black is deep-black and was developed for the luxury packaging industry. It pushes boundaries and was developed without concessions.

Eska®black is 100% black and feels good in every possible way. It is sturdy and invites you to look and touch. Eska®black has excellent converting properties and can be processed with a range of techniques to produce distinctive products with a luxury look and feel.

Luxury with the least possible impact on the environment

Why are we proud of Eska®black? The highest quality, the deepest black, the best feel... and yet a minimal impact on the environment. Eska®black consists of three layers; it has a core of 100% recycled fibres that is sandwiched between two deep-black glossy layers. The perfect protection for your brand.

Eska®black is used in packaging for:

  • Beauty products and cosmetics

  • High-end electronics

  • Jewellery and watches

  • Fashion

  • Wine and spirits

Quality characteristics

  • Lays flat and stays flat

  • High rigidity

  • Optimum runability

  • Easy to cut, die cut, crease, score, gouge, mill, punch, drill and emboss/deboss

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