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Measurement instrumentation

Measurement instrumentation

Our Promass 80/83 Coriolis mass flowmeters are ideally suited for chemical injection phases, due to the low flow rates experienced. The versatile Promass can monitor from as little as 0.1kg per hour, up to 350,000kg per hour and is simple to install and maintenance-free.


The TopCal Sautomatic cleaning and calibration system for pH/redox is the perfect choice for heavily polluted and aggressive media often found in paper and pulp processes. TopCal S combines a high degree of safety and accuracy with low maintenance requirements

Typical application:

  • White water from paper machines or other applications where reliable measurement and long-term stability is vital


  • High operational safety as system remains closed during calibration
  • Wide application range for use in both safe and hazardous areas
  • Early warning functions guarantee reliability and system performance
  • Simple to commission and user-friendly

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