FibreZyme LBR and CS

FibreZyme LBR and FibreZyme CS are Dyadic's biorefining aids. FibreZyme LBR is applicable to a wide variety of pulps and paper grades. FibreZyme CS has been specifically formulated for grades of paper made from recycled fibre requiring increased ring crush.


Benefits from using FibreZyme LBR and CS include lower refiner energy consumption, increased refiner throughput eliminating a common production bottleneck, improved sheet strengths at lower basis weights, cleaner white water loops resulting in reduced need for strength additives and other wet end chemicals, reduced heat-loads in drying sections, increased paper machine speeds and production rates, and elimination of 'stickies' and similar contaminants.


FibreZyme LBR and FibreZyme CS have an optimum temperature range of 25°C to 80°C and an optimum pH range of pH 4.0 to pH 8.0.

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