FibreZyme LDI

FibreZyme LDI is specifically formulated for enhancing the de-inking of recycled fibres while improving pulp refining.

FibreZyme LDI use improves paper quality by increasing pulp whiteness and brightness, decreasing paper ink specs, reducing 'stickies' contaminants, providing higher tissue softness and bulking, and increasing sheet strength.

Process benefits from using FibreZyme LDI include significant chemical cost reductions due to the elimination of caustic soda, peroxide, dispersants and starch. FibreZyme LDI decreases refining energy requirements and papermachine steam consumption, improves paper machine speeds and production rates, and clarifies white-water loops.

FibreZyme LDI is environmentally friendly as it reduces total BOD and COD and increases BOD / COD ratios for higher effluent biodegradability. FibreZyme LDI has an optimum temperature range of 25°C to 80°C and a pH range of pH 4.0 to pH 8.0.

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