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Magnetic Drive Chemical Process Pump

Magnetic Drive Chemical Process Pump


Special features

  • Up to 30% solids concentration and 1 mm particle size can be pumped – depending on the nature of the particles*


  • Unique drive and bearing concept

  • Compact & virtually free of dead space

  • Bearing frame & close-coupled design

  • No shaft feedthrough & leak-free

  • Low product content

  • No plain bearing carrier, no rotating shaft

  • Single-part & central bearing, on all sizes

  • Horizontal & vertical installation possible

  • Low bearing forces due to hydraulically balanced impeller

  • Internal & external bearing lubrication options

  • High material flexibility (casing, impeller as well as plain bearing materials)

  • Eddy-current-free shroud possible (> reduced energy consumption)

  • Inverted drive principle at flow rates up to approx. 200 m³/h

  • Single-stage centrifugal pump


  • Single-part heating chamber system

  • Very efficient heatability

  • Only 1 entrance and 1 discharge connection

  • Simple & easy to heat, a single heating jacket reduces installation costs

  • Low temperature difference in the pump & no cold zones thanks to excellent heat distribution

  • Short heating up time due to high thermal transfer efficiency & direct feed of the heating energy into the fluid space

Assembly & repair

  • Modular system made up of few individual parts

  • Assembly friendly

*In general, media with solids content can be transported, but application-specific verification in advance is necessary.


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