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Double Mechanical Seal Chemical Process Pump

Double Mechanical Seal Chemical Process Pump

Discover the benefits of the ZMP produced by CP here – The 3-In-One stainless steel pump: crushing, mixing and pumping for granulates.

The ZMP crushes, mixes and pumps multi-phase media simultaneously. Teeth on the rotor and casing liner reduce the solids in the medium to a defined maximum particle size. Slits and holes permit both coarse suspensions to be pumped and softer particles to be ground. The mechanical seal design allows flexible adaptation to process requirements.

Special features

  • Ideal for high solid contents (up to 40 %).*

  • Grinds, mixes and pumps multi-phase media simultaneously.

  • Ideal for pumping coarse suspensions and also grinding soft particles.

  • Front play between rotor and bushing segment can be optimally adjusted from outside.


  • Standard commercially available mechanical seal

  • Horizontal installation

  • Nominal pressure up to PN 16 max. (=enables wide application range)

  • Differently adapted casing liner available depending on grinding level

  • Rotor fastened diagonally on the shaft leads to an axial and radial acceleration of the medium (=overlapping movements intermix the medium)

  • Tooth systems on the rotor and on the casing liner reduce the contained solids to a maximum defined particle size.

Assembly & repair

  • Modular system made up of few individual parts

  • Assembly friendly

*In general, media with solids content can be transported, but application-specific verification in advance is necessary.


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