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Beaver Paper and Graphic Media

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TexSewn™ Cut & Sew Paper

TexSewn™ Cut & Sew Paper

Cut & Sew Paper Products

TexSewn™ family of high-performance papers offers a wide range of quality solutions for your Cut & Sew applications. From the design room to the cutting room, TexSewn™ products allow you to optimize your process while maintaining the highest production output. Standard and custom sizes are available. Whether you're shipping locally or overseas, we’ll keep your orders on track and on time. Go right to the source – and save money!

Design Room

Beaver Paper supplies your pattern design needs. We provide the highest quality products necessary to streamline your initial design process.

  • Dotted Alpha Numeric Marking PaperTexSewn bright white, high-quality marking paper makes pattern making a breeze.

  • Manila TagOur strong, high-performance pattern paper streamlines any project. Robust, reliable and easy-to-use.

  • Pattern Plastic SheetsTexSewn Pattern Plastic Sheets are available in three optimal sizes - 1x, 2x, 3x.

  • Premium Plotter PaperHigh-performance, uncoated paper for the most reliable plotting results. Excellent for most CAD/CAM systems.

  • Standard Plotter PaperAchieve the desired plotting results at a great value with our standard quality, uncoated plotter paper.


Cutting Room

Beaver Paper supplies all your automated cutting room needs from Manual to automated cutting operations. Our complete line of high-quality cutting papers allows you to maintain the highest production output.

  • Cutters Kraft UnderlayKeep your operations running efficiently with our high-quality Cutters Kraft Underlay. Smooth, robust and tear resistant.

  • Perforated KraftOur rugged Perforated Kraft paper provides peak performance on all cutting systems.

  • Waxed Kraft PaperExcellent for automated or manual cutting operations, TexSewn Waxed Kraft paper keeps your cutting blades cool preventing your fabrics from fusing together.

  • Perforated Waxed KraftTexSewn Perforated Waxed Kraft paper protects your fabrics while providing optimal on all automated cutting systems. 

  • Separating TissueOur light-weight, high-yield Separating Tissue is excellent for manual and automated cutting operations allowing air to pass through for better vacuum hold down.

  • Poly Cutting FilmOffered in high and low density, TexSewn Poly Cutting Film is perfect for any computerized cutting system.


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