Adapter Sleeve

Adapter Sleeve | H & HE : Adapter Sleeves H & HE from KT are of supreme quality widely used to fix bearings with a tapered bore in a flat shaft at maximum tolerance of h10 without any support. These are made of the sleeves, a nut and a lock washer or MS clip.

Being always made in this complete set, the range of Adapter Sleeves | H & HE is widely used in simplifying bearing arrangement designs and are also easier to mount as compared to withdrawal sleeves. This does not require additional location on the shafts.

Adapter Sleeve Series & Range (H & HE)

  • 2304 to 2356
  • 304 to 322
  • 204 to 222
  • 3120 to 3196 ,31/500
  • 3024 to 3096 , 30/500

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