Withdrawal Sleeve


Withdrawal Sleeve | AH, AHX of Nairsons adapt themselves to the shaft diameter, while wider diameter tolerances can also be permitted than for the seat of a bearing with a cylindrical bore.


Used to fix bearings with a tapered bore on supported shafts (lean). With Withdrawal Sleeves | AH, AHX the shaft must have a thread so the nut can move the sleeves against the bearing. Along with this, its accessories also available separately and so supplied on demand.


Withdrawal Sleeve Series & Range (AH & AHX)


  • 208 to 222
  • 2308 to 2356
  • 308 to 322
  • 3120 to 3180
  • 3218 to 3280
  • 3024 to 3080
  • 24024 to 24064
  • 24122 to 24158

Hydraulic series and big sizes also available on request

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