Ahlstrom-Munksjo Group

Ahlstrom-Munksjo Group

Alvar Aallon katu 3 C P.O. Box 329 FI-00101 Helsinki Finland

Vehicle air intake

Vehicle air intake
  • Solutions for heavy duty and automotive
  • Extra treatments include water resistance, water durability, flame retardancy and others
  • All grades are easily pleatable and available at different curing levels

The Automotive and Heavy Duty air intake product portfolio covers the full range of filtration performance requirements in terms of Dust Holding Capacity (DHC) and efficiency levels.

Filter media for air-intake ranges from 100% synthetic media to 100% cellulosic media.  To further enhance filter performance, we can add treatments, including nanofiber, fine fiber meltblown and synthetic laminates.

 Filter  media can be treated with functionalities like flame retardancy, water resistance, water durability and extra performances in dust and soot filtration.

High capacity filter media complies with market need of filter size reduction.

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