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As late as 2019, China imported almost 100 million m3 rwe (roundwood equivalents) of softwood logs and lumber to meet the growing demand for forest products in the domestic market. Since then, wood consumption has declined, and the importation of forest products has decreased to levels not seen in over a decade. Wood Resources International reports that China imported about 12 million m3 of logs and lumber (rwe) in the 1Q/23, nearly half its peak in the 3Q/20 and the second lowest quarterly i Read more...

Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Solutions (WMFTS) has launched the Qdos™ H-FLO chemical metering and dosing pump, designed specifically for higher flow rates up to 158 gallons per hour (600 L/h). Qdos H-FLO delivers the same outstanding accuracy and reliability as other Qdos pumps but for higher flow rates with a variety of pumpheads and a range of different tube material to ensure chemical compatibility with the process fluid. The Qdos H-FLO high-precision pump offer Read more...