Zavalos, A., "Cartontec" S.A.

Zavalos, A., "Cartontec" S.A.

Platikampos 415 00, Greece

AboutZavalos, A., "Cartontec" S.A.

Since 1991 we have been active in the manufacture of cartons, bottle dividers and pallet dividers.

ZAVALOS – Cartontec SA is a rapidly growing industry, with a dynamic presence in the paper packaging industry , specializing in the production of corrugated cardboard , cartons and cartons as well as additional cardboard packaging materials using the latest technology.

The fully upgraded mechanical equipment enables the production of a wide range of high quality products that fully cover the needs of its customers for the safer storage and transportation of their products.

The goal of ZAVALOS - Cartontec S.A. is the continued dynamic presence in the field, with new investments in technology, infrastructure and human resources, always having as its main axis, the improvement of the quality of the produced products.

Our vision

The Zavalos family, considering the business as a total venture, envisions a company fully equipped and manned, with continuous improvement of production technology and staffing strategies .