Yash Pakka Limited

Yash Pakka Limited

Yash Nagar, Ayodhya, Uttar Pradesh - 224135 India

AboutYash Pakka Limited

Yash Papers, located in Ayodhya, India, is synonymous with machine-glazed varieties of paper. Our brand revolves around manufacturing the best wrapping grades of papers in India. We make MG wrapping papers in both brown and white varieties.

Established in 1981 by entrepreneur KK Jhunjhunwala, Yash Papers started by producing low grammage kraft grades of paper. Beginning with just one paper making machine, they successfully doubled capacity on that machine, then added a second machine in 1991 to more than triple their paper-making capacity. This level of growth within ten years helped them quickly establish dominance over the low grammage kraft market.

In the year 1995, Yash Papers set up its own 2.5 MW Power Plant, with an Extraction-cum-Condensation Turbine. This was a revolutionary step for a mill of its size at that time. This lower  cost of power gave it an added advantage over other mills, and further helped brand Yash to become established in the market. At the same time, the Company set up further capacity enhancements to its Paper Machine II, and boosted total production to 16,000 MTPA.

In 2007, Yash Papers, grew to more than double of its capacity, by installing a totally new integrated plant, setting up a pulp mill, producing 130 TPD, Paper Machine III, to produce bleached MG grades of papers with a total capacity of 70 TPD, a chemical recovery unit, and a 6 MW Power Plant. This plant is running at full capacity from 2008. 

At the present time, Yash Papers has grown into the largest manufacturer of wrapping grades in India, with a present installed capacity of 39,100 MT per annum. Yash Papers practices a singular discipline, focus on specialty products and quality and has a culture of ploughing back surpluses into additional capacity.

The consistent feature of our business strategy has been value-addition. We invested periodically in the manufacture of specialized grades – a distinctive preference for the value approach over a volume one.

This preference for the value-approach is reflected in the Company’s product mix - hard tissue, wrapping grades, packaging, and stationery grades. These varieties are used in specialised downstream applications like soap wrapping, food wrapping, pharmaceutical covers, interleaving sheets, laminating sheets, paper bag, bidi wrapping, gum tape, notebook covering paper, PE coating in mattress, tube light packaging among others.

So even as we are based in India, our products find loyal customers in countries across the globe.