Western Pulp Products Co

Western Pulp Products Co

5025 SW Hout Street | Corvallis, OR 97333

AboutWestern Pulp Products Co


Headquartered in Corvallis, Oregon, WPP also operates a facility in Jacksonville, Texas. We service the 50 States plus parts of Canada, Mexico, and the Pacific Rim. Our principal products are:

  • Plantable nursery and greenhouse containers
  • Paper maché floral containers
  • Patented protective packaging inserts
  • Vintner’s Choice wine shippers

All of our molded fiber (molded pulp) products are made from recycled paper.


Western has manufactured a variety of innovative molded fiber products that:

  • Divert waste fiber from landfills or incineration
  • Displace products that are not biodegradable
  • Use renewable and sustainable materials
  • Recycle, compost or biodegrade after use
  • Provide a steady source of income to non-profits and charities

Unlike many products that are made overseas, Western manufactures in the U.S.A. with recycled paper in compliance with rigid local, state and federal regulations, and reflects our on-going commitment to conserve natural resources. Western Pulp recognized early on that recovered paper was an important raw material. Because as it was re-used in our products, it reduced the waste in our local landfills and ensured that we got the maximum value out of wood fiber.


Increasingly, consumers today are flocking to producers who use sustainable and organic practices, as well as those sources that provide safe and healthy standards for their workers. The post-consumer paper used in Western’s molded fiber products is purchased directly from charitable groups in our community. Every year, Western purchases millions of pounds of recycled paper at fair market value, which in turn, supports charitable groups and those they serve.