Western Paper Industries (Pvt) Ltd

Western Paper Industries (Pvt) Ltd

No.1/265, Cemetery Rd, Alubomulla, Panadura, Sri Lanka.

AboutWestern Paper Industries (Pvt) Ltd

Western Paper Industries (Pvt) Ltd (WPI) was a brain child of a Sri Lankan entrepreneur. This was one man’s dream that took its fledgling steps in back in 1988. Having identifies an unfulfilled demand in the garment industry for certain product, this company was set up to fulfill this requirement. WPI provided converted paper solutions to the garment industry which was a major source of income for the economy of the county. The Managing Director had one vision: that is to provide this essential products to the garment sector while ensuring that customer expectations were met or exceeded. This was the beginning of the modest company that was to grow from strength to strength to a substantial organization with a management team with experience and dedication.

As visualized by its Managing Director, this company became one of the most reliable and largest paper supplier to the apparel industry. WPI converted papers and boards have enabled, through its consistent quality and delivery, uninterrupted operation in the cutting rooms of thousands of garment factories.

Constantly on the lookout for meeting customers’ wants, WPI found a window of opportunity when there was a requirement for packaging tapes. In 1996 WPI introduced its own brand of tape “Accura” for industrial use. This proved to be a remarkable success due to its quality and performance and became known as one of the best packaging tapes. This became another milestone for the company. Following this success it was only natural that the company began to offer several varieties self adhesive tapes to various other segments as well. Masking Tapes and Double sides tapes were introduced successfully the adhesive tape family in 2002.

As a new strategic business unit, the company ventured into paper cores and paper tubes, having identified requirements in Tea, Garment and other industries. By using good quality papers and adhesives to manufacture paper tubes according to the customer’s requirement, the company built a reputation as a supplier of quality products.

With its experience in producing self adhesive tapes, WPI took a tentative step in 2002 to manufacture sticker paper in Sri Lanka. WPI Syndicate (Pvt) Limited was established as a separate entity to focus on the sticker paper manufacturing and distribution. Advance technology backed Silicon Coating, Poly coating & Adhesive coating processes aggravate the srilanakan sticker manufacturing capacity due to WPI syndicate innovations. Within a year of setting up WPI Syndicate (Pvt) Ltd (WPIS), sister company of Western Paper Industries (Pvt) Ltd., had its own product portfolio with ordinary sticker varity but also numbering stickers, thermal transfer stickers, price marking stickers and many more.

Having established its reputation in Sri Lanka, WPI spread its wings to export market as well. Its own brand accura has gained and established its reputation in the local market and inevitably, the brand’s reputation was gained popularity in garment industries overseas as well. Modern technology based printing solutions became the newest venture of the WPIS group of business units.

With the addition of printing solutions WPI became a total solution provider. This was a role model for the industrial growth of the Sri Lanka. WPI has another brand “SEGURO” adhesive tapes have been catering to the retail market since 2009.

Western Paper Industry (Pvt) Ltd’s textbook success story is due to the futuristic vision foreseen by its founder. As a responsible entity, WPI indirectly contributes to the country’s economy and social development. Over that last twenty five years the company has reached several milestones, but it will not rest on its laurels until several more are reached. The company is determined to travel further with the MD’s guidance and the support of experience and dedicated management, not only to reach its own goal but contributing and developing to the growth of the economy and the society as well