Viking Paper and Cellulose Inc

Viking Paper and Cellulose Inc

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AboutViking Paper and Cellulose Inc

Viking Kağıt, which has grown rapidly after joining Yaşar Group in 1982, has an annual production capacity of 45,800 tons today in the tissue paper industry it entered in 1996. Adopting the principle of sustainable quality, Viking Kağıt offers products to the domestic and out-of-home consumption market with its wide product range consisting of toilet paper, towels, napkins, facial tissue and wet towels. Creating innovative products that meet the different demands and needs of consumers in both channels, Viking Kağıt effectively distributes its products through more than 20 dealers and more than 200 direct sales points in Turkey.

Viking Kağıt was established in Aliağa, İzmir in 1969 as Turkey's “first private sector paper mill”. The company started its operations in 1971 with a production capacity of 13,500 tons/year, one side burnished wrapping, printing and lamination paper. Then, in 1982, Viking Kağıt's growth accelerated when it joined Yaşar Group. The company has accelerated its production activities with modernization efforts.

Meeting the expectations of different consumer groups with its strong brands and more than 70 product portfolios, Viking Kağıt stands out with its innovative identity and environmentally friendly practices in the tissue paper industry. While the company closely monitors the dynamics of the sector and consumers, it develops many innovative products with its strong R&D structure in line with the needs and expectations of its customers. It has brought it to the sector with its innovative products such as the first cotton-added toilet paper, the first 3-layer toilet paper, the first aloe vera-added toilet paper, and the first-choice leaf towel.

With the awareness of fulfilling its responsibilities towards people and nature, Viking Kağıt has adopted the principle of producing with the basic values ​​of process efficiency, product quality, customer satisfaction and environmental awareness. Believing that the power behind sustainable growth is “human”, Viking Kağıt aims to achieve its productivity and profitability targets with a customer-consumer-oriented approach, with an understanding of production based on knowledge and technology.

Continuously raising the quality standards in production, Viking Kağıt certifies its efforts with the documents issued by international independent organizations. Viking Kağıt put into service its recycled paper processing plant (de-inking), a first in the tissue paper industry in Turkey, in 2000, and prevents an average of 310,000 trees from being cut annually with its “nature-friendly” tissue paper products.

In addition, corporate carbon footprint and water footprint have been calculated annually since 2015. Viking Kağıt continues to report these results and to develop projects that reduce carbon emissions.

With its rapidly growing export volume, the Company exports to 23 countries, primarily to the European and Central Asian Republics.