Vertex Chem. Pvt. Ltd. (VCPL)

Vertex Chem. Pvt. Ltd. (VCPL)

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AboutVertex Chem. Pvt. Ltd. (VCPL)

Vertex Chem Pvt. Ltd. (VCPL) was established in the year 1995 to produce various types of Industrial Chemicals. The Company’s main focused area is to manufacture specialty chemicals for paper and textile Industries. VCPL has wide range of products for paper Industry like Sizing Chemicals, Defoamer, Deinking Chemicals (For washing and floatation), Finishing Agent, Coating additive etc. we are supplying their products to many paper and paper Board Industries in India and abroad.


Deinking Solvent Base Agent-Verpap-Di



Deinking Solvent Base Agent-Verpap-Di is a very powerful deinking agent. It helps in removing various inks, (black/coloured) from cellulose fiber without damaging its chain structure. Due to its excellent emulsification power, it prevents redeposition of ink on the cellulose fiber.  Deinking Solvent Base Agent-Verpap-Di can de-ink both imported waste paper as well as local waste paper effectively to make white paper of the desired quality.



Deinking Solvent Base Agent-Verpap-Di is recommended to add 0.2 to 0.6% on the weight of the pulp in the pulper for loosening the ink and separation from the pulp fibers. Deinking Solvent Base Agent-Verpap-Di is added in Hydropulper or Breaker beater along with other chemicals like caustic soda, sodium Hypo chloride, sodium silicate, Hydrogen peroxide in required concentration.



Floatation Deinking Agent-Verpap-Dwp



Floatation Deinking Agent-Verpap-Dwp is an effective floatation deinking agent which helps in removing various inks (Black/ Coloured) from cellulose fiber without damaging its chain structure. Due to its excellent emulsification power and foaming it can effectively de-ink both imported and Indian waste paper to make desired quality.



Floatation Deinking Agent-Verpap-Dwp is recommended to add 0.05% to 0.10% on Dry paper basis. Floatation Deinking Agent-Verpap-Dwp is added directly into the pulper or pulper chest along with other chemicals like caustic soda, sodium hypo chloride, sodium silicate, Hydrogen peroxide in required concentration. Dosage of above chemical upon the type of waste paper type of ink characteristics etc.



Specialty Chemical-Vershine-Dra-333



Specialty Chemical-Vershine-Dra-333 is a specialty chemical for paper Industry. It gives better sheet formation by dispersion of fibers. It is very useful for M. G. machine and it reduces dusting and fluff on the paper machine and during conversion. Specialty Chemical-Vershine-Dra-333 reduces tackiness and plucking on the M. G. cylinder and also gives a soft bulky handle to the paper.



Addition Specialty Chemical-DRA-333 to stock suspension brings a better dispersion of the fiber. This promotes a more uniform sheet formation. It is absorbed by the fibers and gives a soft bulky handle and smoothness to the paper and the machine speed can be increased. Because of the antistatic effect of Specialty Chemical-Vershine-Dra-333 processing difficulties can be reduced.



From Caustic-Feltex-Ld



From Caustic-Feltex-Ld is powerful detergent especially developed to suit the needs of paper industry. It cleans all types of felts – synthetic (100%) and blends (synthetic & woof). From Caustic-Feltex-Ld is cold water soluble liquid which is readily forms stable, clear aqueous solution.



From Caustic-Feltex-Ld may be applied with a concentration of 100 gpl to150 gpl. From Caustic-Feltex-Ld can effectively removes oil stains, fillers, fines, bitumen, sizing chemicals, alum, grease, pigments, dyes insoluble salt and other residues from felt. Being free from caustic, felt life is also enhanced & frequent cleaning can be avoided resulting in to reduced machine down times.



Verfin-Sf- 300(Gloss Agent)



VERFIN-SF-300 finds application for surface coating. It is also used for water – proofing of paper & board articles. Being Non-ionic and stable to alkali, VERFIN-SF-300 is perfectly compatible with coating mixtures based on case in and / or Synthetic lattices such as Butakens. VERFIN-SF-300 imparts luster and slight water resistance to coatings.VERFIN-SF-300 should be added after addition of pigment along with the coating solution. Dosage depends of quality of paper. Normally the consumption of VERFIN-SF-300 is 5% on pigment (for Duplex Board) and 2% on pigment (for quality coated paper) or depends on the required Gloss, SOA (Surface Oil Absorption) & smoothness of paper. It also increases whiteness & improve printability of paper & board.