The Royal Group

The Royal Group

654 Factory Rd, Addison, Illinois, 60101

AboutThe Royal Group

As our company has grown, it has become more and more important to define and re-invent ourselves at the core.

Our Vision:

At The Royal Group, we are committed to leading the customer experience in our industry. Our culture and values are the core to our continued success to exceed expectations, always improve and meet all commitments. We strive to grow our business with the same integrity and ingenuity we use to deliver our products, with sustainability and sales lift for our clients. We continually seek the best people combined with the most innovative software, machinery and technology the industry has to offer.

Our Mission:

Founded in 1922, The Royal Group’s mission is…

To provide value-added solutions to the most demanding customers with great speed and flexibility.

  • We will target, open and grow our business with demanding customers.
  • We will delight those demanding customers at the lowest possible cost
  • We will achieve our objectives while maintaining the beliefs and values that make our company special.