Super Suck

Super Suck

166 Marine Drive, Bluff,
Durban, 4052,
South Africa.

AboutSuper Suck

Super Suck is a South Africa based environment friendly ship cleaning service provider. The company prides on being able to clean tough oil spills in an ecofriendly manner. Super Suck does not use chemicals for cleaning oil spills; instead it uses machinery to suck out the oil. Super Suck employs small and compact machinery, based on its patented technology. This enables loading of several machines on a single ship for cleaning, there by minimizing time and cost for cleaning. Various ship cleaning processes employed by Super Suck include cleaning whilst, dozing and de-gassing, bilge cleaning, dry suction, hatch cleaning, pollution prevention, wing and double bottom tank cleaning

Bilge Cleaning

Super Suck undertakes bilge cleaning in an ecofriendly manner without polluting the sea water or surrounding atmosphere. The company employs compact bilge cleaning equipment that can be easily carried to the point of cleaning. Super Suck does not use any strong chemicals for bilge cleaning thus preventing any damage to the ship or its surroundings. During the bilge cleaning process all hazardous waste is sucked out into a holding tank without any leakage into the sea.

Dry Suction

Dry suction involves sucking out waste from the ship using high power sucking machines. Super Suck employs strong machines which can literally suck just anything including all types of ore, coal as well as concrete that had set. Dry suction eliminates use of chemicals for cleaning that may damage the ship or pollute sea water. Thus dry suction process is completely ecofriendly. Dry suction machines are small and easy to carry. Thus multiple machines can be employed on a ship thereby reducing time and cost of cleaning.

Hatch Cleaning

Hatch cleaning is used for creating a bone dry environment in the ship. Hatch cleaning is generally used for removing the residue of a previous cargo before loading a fresh cargo. Hatch cleaning is generally done through a vacuum cleaning process. Super Suck has highly sophisticated and compact hatch cleaning machines. Multiple machines can be applied for hatch cleaning thus saving time and cleaning cost.

Pollution Prevention

Super Suck is an environmentally minded company and aims at pollution prevention in all its operations. Thus for pollution prevention in the cleaning operations Super Suck does not mask the spilt oil by adding chemicals as this may cause damage to the sea water.

Wing and Double Bottom Tank Cleaning

Super Suck implements a highly ecofriendly process for wing and double bottom tank cleaning. For cleaning oil spills during wing and double bottom tank cleaning Super Suck does not use chemicals for masking the oil spills. Instead the company uses a vacuuming process to suck out the waste which is safely disposed.

Cleaning Whilst

Cleaning whilst involves cleaning the ship while it is sailing. Cleaning whilst enables ships to save on mooring fees. Super Suck offers cleaning whilst service for all ships sailing in African waters. Super Suck offers cleaning whilst service for all ships at any of the South African ports. The compact size of cleaning whilst machinery enables easy transport, loading and unloading on the ship.

Dozing and De-gassing

Dozing and de-gassing is done for repairing fuel tanks or similar containers without emptying them. This is done by destructing the calorific value of the fuel or any volatile substance present in the tank followed by dozing and de-gassing. Dozing and de-gassing can be applied to above ground, subterranean or ships tanks. A certification of a gas free, hot work permit from an independent government approved testing laboratory is essential for commencing the dozing and de-gassing process