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AboutStewarts of America

Customers Around the World Rely on Stewarts of America for Pins and Pinned Products, Technical Textiles and Perforating Technologies.

A Proud Tradition of Innovation and Precision Engineering.

  1. Stewarts of America started operations in the United States in 1976. Stewarts was the pioneer of pinned products and manufacture of aftermarket machinery parts for the Technical Textile and Tobacco industries in the Americas. Since that time, Stewarts of America has utilized it's unique ability to manufacture Precision Pins and Pinned Products to diversify into Nano, Micro and Macro Perforating, Technical Textiles, Embossing and Converting to customers around the globe.
    With this diversification, Stewarts of America now supplies:
    Aerotec - Aerospace Industry, such as Pressure Tapes and Fuselage Panels, etc.
  2. Agrotec - Geotextiles, Weed-blocker, Drainage Control, etc.
  3. Mobiletec – Automotive Industry – Heat Insulation & Reflection, Sound Proofing, Headliners, Leather and Artificial Leather Car Seats, etc.
  4. Buildtec – Construction and Building Industries, House Wrapping, Lumber Wrapping, Ceiling Tiles, Astroturf, etc.
  5. Clothtec – Breathable Clothing, Shoe Soles, Athletic Wear, etc.
  6. Hometec – Products for the Home, Attic Insulation, Carpet Backing, Mold Proofing, Sound Proofing, etc.
  7. Indutec – Industrial Applications, Thermoplastics, Nonwovens, Composites, Technical Textiles, Poly Films, Papers, Foils, Foams, etc.
  8. Medtech – Medical Applications, Band-Aids, Gauze, Wound Dressings, Absorbent Padding, Thermal Blankets, Hygienic Wipes, etc.
  9. Pactech – Packaging Applications, Breathable Packaging, Liquid Drainage, Liquid Absorbent Pads, Shelf Life Extension, Surface Texturing, etc.
  10. Foodtech – Dough Docking, Cook Time Reduction, Cooking Consistency, Gripping, Surface Texturing, etc.

Stewarts of America is a standard supplier to over 35 machinery makers, and regularly exports to over 50 countries. Stewarts of America is known to work on unorthodox projects, and come up with innovative solutions for our customers. Stewarts constantly pushes the envelope with our pin technology to achieve application specific solutions with precision tooling and machinery. We have agents and partnerships all over the world, so that we can give your project the personal touch it requires.
Stewarts of America has become the "one stop shop" for placing precision holes in materials. Stewarts offers a wide range of perforating technologies and expertise to solve your Nano, Micro and Macro perforating requirements. From tooling and machinery to toll perforating services, if you require a hole in a web, call or email us first. Our perforating experts will get you to a solution for your application.

Company Overview

  1. Commenced operations in the USA in 1976
  2. Pioneers of Precision Pins & Pinned Products and aftermarket components to the American technical textile and tobacco industries
  3. Continuous investment into state-of-the-art design, machine tool and fabrication capabilities to minimize outsourcing and expand capabilities
  4. Diversification into Perforating, Embossing and Converting industries, providing tooling, machinery and services
  5. Developed a network of partners and in-house capabilities to offer toll perforating with a wide array of technologies and tooling availability
  6. Standard supplier to 35+ machine makers in over 50 countries worldwide
  7. Global presence – Agents and partnerships worldwide to provide customers with a local, personal response
  8. Innovative solutions keep Stewarts of America "On the Sharp End of Pinpoint Technology"
  9. Stewarts of America has become the global "one stop shop" for placing precision holes in films, foils, foams, papers and other materials
  10. Family owned and operated