Steiner SAS

Steiner SAS

9, route de Rouen
BP 1161
27950 Saint-Marcel

AboutSteiner SAS

Created in 1881 with its Benzene distillery, Steiner SAS, based in Saint Marcel, France, was run as a family business for more than a century before beginning its industrial metamorphosis within the Orgasynth Group and continuing its expansion within the Axyntis Group from July 2007 onwards. Steiner now boasts unrivalled facilities and expertise in the field of solid and liquid dye phases. With its 70 highly-skilled employees, Steiner has retained the key virtues it has carefully nurtured over the years: proximity and mutual trust with its customers.


Steiner is one of the sole dyestuffs manufacturers in Europe to guarantee full mastery of all the critical stages from dyestuff synthesys to formulation. With more than 10,000 tonnes of products formulated per year, its R&D laboratory, warehouses, production units, drying and milling capacities, quality control laboratory and water treatment station make the Saint Marcel site a unique facility.


Today, oil and paper industry represent the main outlet for the dyestuffs produced and formulated by Steiner.  Steiner provides the paper industry with Direct, Pigment and Basic dyestuffs that can be used in all kind of paper, Cardboard, Tissue, Office & Printing and Special Papers.


Steiner is ISO 9001 version 2008 and ISO 14001 certified and have its own incorporated staff to manage the new Reach legislation.


With Steiner, customers can be sure that the company will keep its promises in terms of quality, delivery times and quantities. Its sales and technical support resources, available throughout Europe, also mean that it is able to provide its customers with on-site added-value services relating to the use of its dyes.