Silvent UK Ltd

Silvent UK Ltd

Unit 4330 Waterside Centre, Birmingham Business Park Birmingham B37 7YN United Kingdom

AboutSilvent UK Ltd

Silvent helps manufacturers worldwide with energy optimization and improved working environments. Headquartered in Sweden, where all research and development are done, Silvent has unique research and engineering experience in the area of compressed air dynamics.

Global company with the roots in Sweden

Since the company was founded in 1989, the goal has been to optimize compressed air usage and improve the working conditions for those people who work with compressed air on a daily basis. In the beginning, Silvent was a small company with only three employees, but had the vision of becoming something much bigger. Today, Silvent has global offices in seven countries, and Silvent products for blowing with compressed air are used in over 90 countries. The Silvent family is constantly growing, and our desire for growth is just as strong today as it was in our beginning.

Our vision

Our vision is that everyone shares our passion for working environments and energy optimization.

Unique products and unique knowledge

Silvent’s skilled staff have unique, cutting edge competence in the field of compressed air blowing. This know-how, together with Silvent’s patented products, not only help companies to save enormous amounts of expensive compressed air, it also improves the working environment for operators all over the world – an unbeatable combination according to many of Silvent’s satisfied customers. Silvent’s air guns, air knives, air nozzles, silencers and customized solutions for blowing with compressed air are used by major global companies with well-known brand names such as General Motors, Volvo, Toyota, Tetra Pak, Samsung, Baosteel, Kimberly-Clark and SKF.

Production and quality tests in Sweden

Silvent’s headquarters is in Sweden, were the R & D department also is located. Significant company resources are dedicated to the research and development of new products. The development work is often done in close cooperation with our customers and users. All manufacturing and assembly of the products takes place in Sweden, were they also go through tests before they are sent out to the end user.