Shredders and Shredding Company

Shredders and Shredding Company

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AboutShredders and Shredding Company

We started out in 2011 when there was almost nobody in India manufacturing big industrial shredders, having started out in Partnership with MERCODOR – Germany, we marketed their double shaft shredder machines all over India. Soon by the middle of the decade, we were already manufacturing our SMBZ series of double shaft shredders sold to large Pharma companies who were in need of industrial grade machines that could shred all types of waste in one single shredder, having tried out the existing small shredders which unfortunately did not last for more than a couple of years.

These shredders quickly gained popularity and now have evolved into the finest shredding machines available for the pharma industry in India. With the growing pharma industry in India we kept abreast with increasing capabilities in offering an entire gamut of products either for one single application or for multi use.

Although now with a complete range of medical waste shredders remain SASCO’s primary product, the business continues to see growth now in various industries who are increasingly looking for new processing equipment to enhance production and safeguard proprietary production waste and packaging by installing industrial grade shredders in the scrap yards


1 – 11 – 1972

ABCO TRADERS was registered as a trading firm in the paper recycling business by the current owners father, with just a few rupees and grit to make it in Mumbai the financial capital of INDIA

In those pre liberalisation, government controlled economy days there were very few private companies, so the major source of papers for recycling was government departments who had enormous amounts of papers in 100’s of tons to dispose off every year, of course shredding was unheard of then, and the best that was done was tearing by hand!

With just a few players ABCO TRADERS became a major paper mill supplier in Western India.

Then came Mr. Manmohan Singh! what he started in the form of economic liberalisation in 1990’s lead to the multinationals setting up shop in India, with their vast resources and international practises came the need for SHREDDING MACHINES AND SERVICES and thus was born the current firm aptly called Shredders and Shredding Company with the intention of supplying all types of shredder machines and providing shredding services too.