Ringdahl Maskiner AB

Ringdahl Maskiner AB

Munkbron 5, 2tr, 111 28 Stockholm, Sweden

AboutRingdahl Maskiner AB


We have been a supplier to the Paper & Pulp industry and the Car and Workshop industry since 1965.

We are a service company that represents foreign suppliers in the paper and engineering industry in the Scandinavian market.

The business is located in Gothenburg and Stockholm.

In Gothenburg, we handle power tools, welding machines, consumables and protective products for the automotive and engineering industries, and in Stockholm, machine equipment, maintenance and service for the paper & pulp industry. Since January 2010, the business in Gothenburg has been run in a subsidiary: Ringdahl Maskiner & Verktyg AB, which is 100% owned by Ringdahl Maskiner AB.

The main part of the range in the webshop belongs to the subsidiary and will in most cases be handled from there.

Our strengths are our broad know-how, long experience and our customer availability. There is always someone who can take care of the wishes and problems that customers have and at the same time provide fast and efficient service when requested.

We look forward to taking care of you and your issues.