Raumaster Paper Oy

Raumaster Paper Oy

Isometsäntie 4 26100 RAUMA FINLAND

AboutRaumaster Paper Oy

The mission of Raumaster Paper is to be your partner for all paper roll handling tasks in finishing, converting and printing. We have collected our extensive product know-how and unique application experience from winder deck to storage and shipping in a large number of projects worldwide.

We continue to expand this worldwide position and fulfill the special customer wishes with our product development. Together with our extensive partner network we can also provide cost efficient global solutions including reelers, parent reel handling, winding, core recycling, automated guided vehicles, pallet handling & wrapping and automated warehouses.

Consulting, training, preventive maintenance and the modernisation of existing plants are tasks of our service network. Network of professionals in major paper making countries ensure that we can support you as a strong partner worldwide. We will continue to build this network in order to quickly be where we are needed.