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PureAir Filtration

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AboutPureAir Filtration

PureAir Filtration has over 15 years of experience in the removal of corrosive gases, toxic vapors, and odors. Systems are used to protect sensitive electronics and machinery at industrial sites and protect people from accidental release of toxic gases and improve the quality of air by removing odors and pollutants.

PureAir Filtration specializes in providing customized, high performance air quality solutions. Each system is custom designed because each customer has a unique problem. Our systems often include make up air, air purification, dehumidification/humidification, heating/cooling, and recirculation air loops. No system is too large or small for our capabilities.

Our air purification adsorbent media has the highest performance in the industry. PureAir’sPP-Blend adsorbent media was specifically developed for Pulp & Paper applications. This superior adsorbent media is both cost-effective and has proven to outperform the competition for over 15 years. Because of this, PureAir has the competitive advantage in design systems with benefits unapproachable by any other company. These benefits include ultra high purification efficiencies, extended media life, precise temperature and humidity control, and ease of installation and maintenance.

PureAir also provides a line of products which simplify the regular maintenance of its systems. This includes a line of real-time electronic air quality monitoring system, a real-time media bed life monitoring system, chemical filtration, corrosivity test kits, and media life analysis.

PureAir Filtration stands apart from all other companies in the field because of its high level of quality, systems approach to air purification, broad range of expertise, and focus on customer service. PureAir Filtration maintains a close relationship with its customers after sale to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

PureAir Filtration is proud to serve customers in most areas of the world. Our well-trained local system experts provide a close interface with our International customers to ensure that we provide optimal solutions.