PulpEye AB

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PulpEye is an innovative measurement technology company, focusing on online applications and services for the global pulp and paper industry. Our mission is to provide producers of pulp, paper, and board with reliable online pulp analyzers and control systems, contributing to improved pulp quality, lower energy consumption and higher efficiency.

There are also adapted modules for quality control of powder production as well as for production of MDF board.

We cooperate with research institutes and universities as well as customers in order to develop and introduce new online technologies to measure important pulp and fibre properties.

The head office is in Örnsköldsvik in Sweden and the products are sold and serviced by local representatives in Europe, the Americas, Asia, and Australia.

PulpEye constitutes a robust and flexible cutting edge analyzer that combines the latest technology with minimized demands of service. A complete fiber analysis is done through PulpEye in 30-40 seconds with a camera speed of 60 frames per second. A fiber, shive and CSF analysis is completed in less than 5 minutes, ready to dictate the output to control systems as ControlEye and ExtractEye. ControlEye is based on the latest control engineering technology (MPC). It processes data from fiber analyzers as fiber fractions, CSF or shives for example, in pulp process controlling.

Clients who have chose PulpEye as the analyzer are SCA, Holmen, StoraEnso, Iggesund, Mondi, M-real, Korsnäs, Rottneros, Waggeryd Cell, Mercer group. PulpEye measures pulp quality online from one or multiple positions and manual samples. PulpEye today offers the following measuring modules for online/offline applications like Freeness (CSF/SR/MSR/EWD), Fiber dimensions, Shive content, Process consistency, Brightness, pH, RMEye – manual samplings, LabEye – automatic sample collector.