Paperera de Girona SA

Paperera de Girona SA

Carrer Josep Flores, 45, BAJO, 17840 Sarrià de Dalt, Girona, Spain

AboutPaperera de Girona SA

The origins

In the 40s of the 20th century, the sisters Emilia and Elvira Vila Tarradell, started in Girona, on Carrer de la Força, a workshop for the manufacture of handmade paper bags, to contain food and grain, using paper from brown that Juan Vila Tarradell manufactured in the Sarrià de Ter paper factory.

In subsequent years, under the direction of Francisco and Joaquín Vila Roca, sons of Juan Vila Tarradell, the activity was continued from the companies Emilia Vila SC (1960-1975) and Vila Tarradell SA (1975-1984). The purchase in 1962 of machinery for the manufacture of bags, of French origin, gave an enormous boost to the company, in the sector of bags hexagonal shape, pointed shape and flat bags, building a warehouse for the handling of paper in Sarrià de Ter . At the same time, several lines of waxed paper for feeding were established.

The Girona stationery society

In 1984 the company Paperera de Girona, SA was created, which continued with the activity of paper handling and flexographic printing, expanding the existing warehouses and the product catalog. In 2000, they went from printing with solvent inks to printing only with water-based inks, investing in new anilox rollers and in a dispensing for the production of inks in the same plant. Starting in 2003, new Holweg technology machines were purchased for printing and making flat bags, for making paper rolls, and the existing ones for hexagonal and pointed formats were modernized.

From an initial warehouse of 800m2, there is a total constructed area of ​​3,500m2, housing machinery for printing Comexi technology and a large warehouse that houses the stock of the most common references, offering picking service to customers and allowing a greater storage of raw materials. Investments were also made to migrate to Safety-Klenn production technology for cleaning rollers and inkwells, which minimizes the consumption of water in cleaning. All waste generated at the plant is recycled internally.

GironaPaper: benchmarks in sustainability

Currently, the company has obtained the certification for FSC and EcoVadis Gold products, and is in a constant process of improvement to reach the highest standards in sustainability of the production process. This materializes in bets such as the elimination of plastic: in the paper rolls, the box of two rolls has been introduced to eliminate the plastic wrapping, while for small packages, a paper bag or box wrapping has been implemented. cardboard, which can contain the requested units. In addition, thanks to belonging to the LC Paper group, a large part of the raw material consumed is "carbon-neutral" certified paper from the plant that the group has in Besalú and which has been considered by the European employers' association CEPI as "the most sustainable factory in Southern Europe ".