paper mill Frastanz

paper mill Frastanz

Rotfarbweg 5, 6820 Frastanz, Austria

AboutPaper mill Frastanz

Rondo GanahlAktiengesellschaft is a traditional Austrian family company that has its roots in 1797.

Through reliability, long-term thinking and responsible use of resources, we create lasting relationships with customers, employees, suppliers and the public. Our speed and efficiency result from our deliberately simple organizational structure. Entrepreneurial responsibility is largely decentralized and local circumstances can thus be taken into account to a large extent. Our core business is the production of corrugated cardboard packaging , corrugated cardboard base paper and the collection of paper and packaging . More than 1,600 employees prove themselves in an extremely dynamic environment with expertise, professionalism and the highest level of commitment.

Inherently sustainable

At Rondo, the recycling cycle closes when Zimmermann Ganahl AG in Hall collects, sorts and presses waste paper. This is a valuable raw material for the Rondo paper mill in Frastanz, where high-quality corrugated board base paper is made from 100 percent waste paper, which is then processed into stable and functional corrugated board packaging in the Rondo corrugated board plants.