Papelera del Oria

Papelera del Oria

 FÁBRICA Y OFICINASErnio Bidea, 8 bis · 20150 Zizurkil · Gipuzkoa

AboutPapelera del Oria

Innovation and technology with more than 100 years of history

The company was founded in 1911 at one of the most traditional paper areas in Southern Europe.

In addition to our long experience, one of the company’s core values is the constant technological updating, which is based on important annual investments.

Some details about us

  • Our total production capacity is around 60.000 tons per year.
  • Our paper machine width is 264 cms.
  • We produce paper in substances between 50 to 280 g/m2.
  • In addition to the presentation in reels we have a sheeter for converting paper into pallet blocks with an excellent delivery time.