Pakkauspojat Oy

Pakkauspojat Oy

Mekaanikontie 4 01800, KLAUKKALA, Uusimaa 

AboutPakkauspojat Oy

Packaging boys - 29 years of domestic cardboard processing and manufacturing

We are cardboard processing professionals, we offer a wide range of products and services for the diverse needs of our customers. Our production and business premises, as well as our logistics center, are located in Nuremberg's Klaukkala, where our family business started operating in 1991. We are one of Finland's largest private corrugated board processors.

Our team has less than twenty long-standing, packaging professionals that enable us to implement even the most challenging packaging solutions for our customers. Packaging, sales racks, promotions and other products are designed and developed in our design department. Our strengths include speed, as well as good and individual service. If necessary, our logistics center handles interim storage and punctual deliveries. We also offer rack filling and shipping services.

Our main raw materials are corrugated board as well as various paperboards and printed papers. We also have a wide range of post-processing options to help you get exactly what you want from your packaging or sales rack.

We also provide graphic design and 3D modeling, as well as all material work and image processing. See what the sales stand or packaging looks like on your own machine before making the kit.

Environmental responsibility

We guarantee that our products are made of high quality materials. We use uniform corrugated board in the production of packaging.

The Environmental Register of Packaging RINKI Oy has issued the RINKI certificate to Pakkauspoja. The Finnish Rinki brand says that our company bears its producer responsibility for its packaging. Managing producer responsibility is an important part of our company's environmental responsibility.

Made in Finland

The products are manufactured in Klaukkala at the Packaging Boys' factory, and almost 90% of the cardboard raw material is domestic.