Novák-papír s.r.o

Novák-papír s.r.o

Stradonice 139 Louny district PSČ 440 01 Czech republic

AboutNovák-papír s.r.o

Paper offers endless variety of use, that’s why we are still so passionate about our work. It is creative work. We are constantly innovating and looking for the latest design trends to surprise you with extraordinary solutions.


No more boring paperwork. We will show you the bright side of paper. We can handle processing paper from jumbo rolls up to packaging, help you to choose the right quality and grammage of paper and adjust it for you into desired shape. Our company provides you with a range of modern and desirable paper products including the wrap paper, tablecloths or disposable tableware.

We handle paper in various forms for nearly 20 years since the company Papír Novák was founded by Miloš Novák in 1994. At that time we specialized in cutting and selling wrap paper. Three years later we decided to buy the flexo printing machine and experienced big succes in producing gift and christmas wrap papers. So the company moved to Stradonice, where we continue working on innovations not only in the field of popular paper products for dining, tablecloths or tableware.