Northstar International

Northstar International

10 Hayetzira St.

P.O. Box 2533,

Raanana 43663, Israel.

AboutNorthstar International

Northstar International specializes in exporting and importing recycled fiber. Over the years, the Company has maintained the highest level of professional integrity, and constantly strives to maintain its position as global market leader in offering professional paper recycling solutions and services. We have the flexibility, market insight, experience and financial resources to act quickly and fairly on behalf of suppliers and clients. We have created a unique marketplace in terms of prices, quantities and a wide variety of grades and stock origins, and our extensive worldwide connections, established over the last 40 years, are an added asset for our suppliers and customers.

The Industry

The paper industry encompasses all aspects of our lives, both in commerce and in the privacy of our homes. The rise in living standards and quality of life has two direct results: increased per capita demand for, and consumption of, various paper products, and the related growth of generated waste. Paper sorting and recycling are key solutions to these global tendencies. Reusable waste material is an inevitable and ever increasing resource for manufacturing in the paper industry. Northstar International is a key player in the recycling process; we purchase our suppliers’ raw materials and market it for our clients’ specific manufacturing needs.