Northstar International

Northstar International

10 Hayetzira St.

P.O. Box 2533,

Raanana 43663, Israel.

AboutNorthstar International

Northstar International L.L.C is an international trading company providing recyclables and post usage Waste Paper products.

We operate through an efficient and professional team. Our reliability and expertise in waste paper are an asset to our customers and well valued by our suppliers.

We collaborate directly with the biggest international shipping companies which is a great advantage to our suppliers during congestions or limited capacity.

Company customers:

Our customers are paper mills in the Far East including India, Vietnam, Thailand, and others, as well as paper mills in Europe.

Company suppliers

Paper collection companies and factories in Israel and in Europe.

Our Strengths

One of our added value strengths is improving profitability by expanding our partners reach to new profitable markets and by using our vast logistics expertise acting as an in-house logistic partner. In addition to optimizing profitability and workflow efficiency .

As an experienced and reliable trading company, Northstar International is now expanding its activity and establishing solid partnerships in the US and European markets.

We continue to evolve and expand our markets by maintaining and delivering high-quality products, a true partnership, and exceptional customer service