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NEPSI, an American Superconductor company, manufactures medium voltage (2.4kV through 34.5kV) power capacitor banks and harmonic filter banks for power factor correction. The founders and top level personnel have over 50 years of experience in the design, development, and analysis of industrial, utility, and commercial power systems and power factor correction equipment. This experience is coupled with licensed professional engineers with post-graduate degrees in Electric Power Engineering. NEPSI's equipment is designed and built on sound engineering principles with total quality and customer satisfaction as guiding principles.


NEPSI is the leading global provider of medium-voltage metal-enclosed power capacitor banks and harmonic filter banks for use on electric power systems. Founded in 1995, the New York based company has grown to be the world's market leader and most trusted name for the supply of medium-voltage metal-enclosed power factor correction and harmonic filter systems.NEPSI products help deliver electric power more efficiently and reliably by improving power factor, reducing voltage distortion, and leveling the load voltage profile to large power producers and consumers. Our products are used in large remote mine and rectifier applications where non-linear load equipment dominates the facilities energy consumption making the filter system's reliability a critical component to the operation of the plant. Our equipment is also used by the renewable energy industry to meet strict interconnect requirements to remain in operation, and by small industrial and commercial power systems to alleviate power factor penalties. All NEPSI products are proudly designed and built in upstate New York.As an alternate to elevated open-rack equipment, our products provide significant cost savings to engineering and procurement companies (EPC's) as well as end users. Much like E-houses, our products are fully designed, tested, assembled, and shipped ready for interconnection. Up front engineering and procurement cost is reduced by shifting these tasks from the EPC who requires broad expertise in many areas to NEPSI who specializes in power capacitor bank and harmonic filter design and procurement. Onsite excavation, construction cost, testing, and commissioning cost are nearly eliminated as our equipment requires significantly less foot print and comes fully assembled, tested, and ready interconnection. Ongoing operation and maintenance cost to the end customer is also significantly less as our equipment is more reliable and easier to maintain than elevated open-rack equipment.In addition to our products, NEPSI also offers onsite start-up, commissioning, and maintenance services, as well as power system analysis and filter design studies.