71 Rue Jean Jaurès, Blendecques, 62501 Saint-Omer


French leader and independent producer, one of the leading European producers, NorPaper specializes in the manufacture of White TestLiner, one of the components of the cardboard box. On 2 production sites, one in the north of France, the second in Nantes, manufacturing is carried out using 100% recycled cellulosic fibres.

Founded in 1865 in the North of France, in the heart of a historically paper-making region, the company has relied for many years on the expertise of its people and today has 2 production sites: the Blendecques site (62) and the Nantes site (44).

At the center of Europe, its geographical location is a major asset in its commercial development. Its proximity to road and port networks allows it to sell its products and know-how on the French and European markets, but also on markets outside Europe.

Since June 21, 2018, NorPaper has been a subsidiary of the Lebanese Industrial Groups "Gemayel and Chaoui".