Our aim is clear:We want to be the most sought-after and profitable producer of bioproducts made from Nordic wood, and a frontrunner in the creation of sustainable growth. We create sustainable growth from renewable wood raw material, and all our operations are based on our values, which are: reliability, cooperation, responsible profitability and renewal.EXCEEDING CUSTOMERS’ EXPECTATIONS

We want to exceed our customers’ expectations. In order to do this, we invest in long-term partnerships and customer value creation. We pursue market leadership in our main products in both the pulp and sawn timber business, and our goal is to be the preferred supplier for industry leading companies.

We are the leading producer of bioproducts, biochemicals and bioenergy - the world’s leading producer of bleached softwood pulp and a major producer of sawn timber. We are a frontrunner in pulp and sawn timber markets, and we provide services that create significant added value for our customers.


We aim for excellent performance in all our operations. Excellent performance is based on the best safety at work. For us, safety is part of professionalism, and our goal is zero accidents at all locations.

Excellent performance also requires excellent product quality, as well as the industry’s best production and cost-effectiveness. We are continuously developing our ways of working and utilizing the latest technology.


Leading the way and being responsible also ensure our success on the long run. We have modern and efficient production units, the performance of which we ensure through systematic development work and well-timed maintenance investments and major repairs.

We are actively developing new bioproducts, that increase the cost efficiency and growth of our pulp and sawmill businesses and create a sustainable bio and circular economy. Our unique bioproduct mill concept allows us to expand our product range in the future with new bioproducts that add even higher value than before.

We are leading the way in responsibility and sustainability, and we ensure that the principles of sustainable development are implemented throughout the value chain. We use northern wood from sustainably managed forests for the resource-efficient production of our products, and to produce products that can replace fossil-based raw materials. We invest in minimizing the environmental impact of our operations, and develop our mills to be increasingly efficient in terms of the environment, resources, raw materials, water and energy.


Achieving sustainable excellence requires the best personnel. We want Metsä Fibre to be the most desired workplace with the best experts. To make this happen, we invest in excellent leadership and supervisory work, collaboration and participation.

We are proud of our heritage and strong industry expertise. We work in the forefront of the forest industry and focus on developing sustainable solutions for the future. Together, we implement Metsä Fibre's strategy on our journey towards sustainable