Mercer International Inc

Mercer International Inc

Suite 1120, 700 West Pender Street Vancouver, BC V6C 1G8 Canada

AboutMercer International Inc

At Mercer, we aim to be a preferred provider of renewable bio-based products, produced sustainably by our teams in a safe, efficient environment. We optimize stakeholder value and respond to market needs through integrated strategies, modern technology, and proficient use of our resources. We are committed to supporting a healthy environment and preserving our natural resources by sourcing wood from sustainably managed forests. We do this through the dedication of our team members, as we continue to grow and remain proud of our accomplishments and the legacy of excellence that we uphold.

A Global Producer of Market Pulp and Solid Wood Products

We are one of the world’s largest producers of market pulp and a growing leader in the solid wood products space. Our large-scale, modern mills produce not only NBSK (softwood) and NBHK (hardwood) pulp, but also biomass-based green energy and bioextractives, and we operate one of the world’s largest softwood lumber facilities.

We produce electrical and thermal energy from biomass byproducts created from the pulping and sawmilling processes which reduce waste in our mills and maximizes forest resources.