Manish Industries

Manish Industries

287-C, HSIDC Industrial Estate, Sector 59
3, Amrut Ind. Estate
Nr. Water Tank, Dudeshwar Road
Gujarat 380 004

AboutManish Industries

Established in 1993 by Mr Haish Dhanjani, Manish Industries leads in the field of manufacturing of paper converting machinery. Within a short time the company have become pioneers in making paper converting machines due to their technological know-how and expertise. The machines are in high demand through-out India. Manish Industries also exports these machines to Bangladesh, Zambia, Tanzania, Egypt and few other parts of Africa. The plant at Ahmedabad is well equipped with all necessary tools like lathe machines, hobbing machines, drill machines, shaping machines and much other sophistication.

The company's motto is to manufacture the best quality of machines with best possible after sales services.

Manish Industries have been experts in paper converting machinery making since 1993. The machines made and installed by Manish Industries are Heavy Duty Automatic Paper Reel to Sheet Cutting Machine, High Speed Rotary Corrugated Sheet Cutting Machine.

Heavy Duty Automatic Paper Reel to Sheet Cutting Machine

It is a fairly new entrant in the industry, but a fore-runner, leaving the competition far behind with its total commitment for quality, economy and performance. With a humble start in 1993, today Manish Industries have a client list to boast about. The list not only covered Gujarat as a major market but all across India too. It has crossed geographical boundaries and has enlisted several big names in their list of prominent clients. The Heavy duty paper reel to sheet cutting machine from Manish Industries is a magnificent machine and is matchless. Manish Industries offers sheet cutting machines for various dimensions of paper cutting required. A machine of 14’ length come with a 2HP powered machine and totally weighs around 1500 to 2000KG. Breadth and height dimensions are generally 6’ and 5’ respectively.

The paper reel to sheet cutting machine from Manish Industries is equipped with an automatic counting facility as well as an automatic jogging facility. An extra arrangement for slitting attachment is also provided as an option. The machine can cut five reels at a time at 55 to 60 strokes RPM. Manish Industries have successfully delivered around 700 machines since it started manufacture.

High Speed Rotary Corrugated Sheet Cutting Machine

Other paper processing machine solely developed by Manish Industries is the High speed rotary corrugated sheet cutting machine. The High Speed Rotary Paper for Corrugated Sheet Cutter is suitable to use on-line with corrugation machine. It can be used for a sharp cutting of corrugated board without damaging the flute. Machine is provided with one reel stand, for cutting Plain Paper as well as Corrugated Reels.

The High speed rotary corrugated sheet cutting machine is built with heavy cast iron side walls. The cutting knife of the machine is made out of tempered HCHCR (WPS) material.

Dimensions of the corrugated sheet cutting machine are, 48”, 55”, 65”, 75” or as per requirement. It is 9 feet long, 5 feet high, and 5 to 7 feet wide. It weighs about 1200 to 1500KGs. Cutting lengths offered by the corrugated sheet cutting machine vary between 5 inches to 120 inches. Till date, more than 175 machines from Manish Industries are installed and are running successfully on-line with several corrugation plants around the world.

Manish Industries offer a caring service to its clients as they value their association. Technology is not a limitation for Manish Industries, and they use it innovatively to achieve clients’ desired results in the field of Pulp and Paper processing and sheet cutting. The standard specifications of the machines are a reference, yet, they can be certainly modified for customized and desired requirements.

Manish Industries is a company with sole motive of providing excellence in performance at a most economical price and better service.