Mac Papers Inc.

Mac Papers Inc.

3300 Philips Highway (PO Box 5369) Jacksonville, Florida 32207 (32247)

AboutMac Papers Inc.

o be the most dependable, valued and respected distribution partner for paper and print, packaging, facility supplies and office products, with a reputation for supporting best-in-class suppliers to help businesses and consumers deliver quality results, boost efficiency and improve their bottom line.

As the company operates branch locations and retail stores in nine states across the Southeast, our reach and capabilities are extensive. Wherever and whenever you call on Mac Papers, you know you can count on the benefits that come from our commitment to providing exceptional local management, local inventory, and local sales expertise.

Our Values

  • Uncompromising integrity: We strive to be open, honest and direct in our dealings, making our company a place where people are proud to work and do business with us.

  • Strong relationships: We work together to create a culture of inclusion built on trust, respect and loyalty to every employee, customer and supplier.

  • Trusted reliability: We are committed to being known as a consistent, responsive and dependable partner who does what we say we will do.

  • Fiscal conservativeness: We aim to increase profitability, re-invest in our company‚Äôs future and achieve corporate objectives through conservative investments and responsible management.

  • Family tradition: We commit to humble, principled and respectful decision making and dealings with others based on values instilled by our founders, Frank and Tom McGehee.

  • Efficient innovation: We strive to offer customized, creative products and solutions that enhance performance, improve the bottom line and support a sustainable future.

  • Community citizenship: We aim to leave a positive impact in the communities we serve based on our values and a commitment to helping those in need.