Lucart Hygiene Ltd

Lucart Hygiene Ltd

Blackmore Park, Hanley Swan Worcestershire, WR8 0EF

AboutLucart Hygiene Ltd

Formed in 1990, Lucart Hygiene Ltd (formerly Essential Supply Products Ltd) is one of the UK's leading independent manufacturers and converters of disposable tissue products. Based in Malvern, Worcestershire Lucart supply tissue paper products and dispenser systems to wholesale distributors, who in turn, serve the Away from Home (non-consumer) market. With a broad range of products manufactured and held in stock for the janitorial, hotel, restaurant, facilities management, catering, industrial and healthcare sectors, as well as just-in-time supply and around-the-clock production, Lucart provide a level of competitiveness and convenience, not possible elsewhere in the UK.

The future belongs to everyone

We want to make the world a better place with competence, professionalism and fairness together with the people who believe in us and who use our products.

The Group in numbers

With over 65 years of history under our belt, we are today a multinational company with important numbers that describe our commitment and give value to our history.

Board and Management

We are the creators and coordinators of a virtuous project that over the years has taken care of the environment and people more and more. Stand publicly behind our principles is our pride.
We believe in the value of people and the strength of the team. We are the fusion of different stories. Together we share the same goal of improving everyone’s life of all while preserving the planet and our future.