Langdale Forest Products

Langdale Forest Products

P.O. Box 1088 Valdosta, GA. 31603

AboutLangdale Forest Products

Langdale Forest Products has been a producer of southern yellow pine lumber since the 1940’s. We have progressed from the portable sawmills used in the forests a few feet from felled trees to our present 150 acre facility located in Valdosta, Georgia.

Langdale Forest Products currently debarks and preps over 100 truckloads of logs per day for our sawmill. Our vast company-owned timber base gives us a uniquely stable supply of raw materials, enabling Langdale Forest Products to ensure a steady supply of high quality products for our customers.

Production facilities include a state-of-the-art sawmill, three dry kilns and our recently upgraded planer mill, complete with a Linear Hi-Grader and shark-fin lumber turning system. Manned by highly skilled personnel, Langdale Forest Products produces over 140 million board feet of southern yellow pine lumber per year.