Kraissl Company, Inc.

Kraissl Company, Inc.

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AboutKraissl Company, Inc.

The Kraissl Company is along-time manufacturer of heavy duty click picsimplex strainers/filters, duplex strainer/filters, transfer valves and pumps for protecting equipment in pipeline service.

Since 1926, The Kraissl Company has been an industry leader in the manufacture of heavy duty simplex and duplex strainers, filters, transfer valves, and oil transfer pumps.

Engineering Pioneers:

Kraissl was the first to develop duplex 3-way (6-port) transfer valves with standardized port connections for external equipment. These tapered plug-type models were adapted from Kraissl's duplex strainer designs.


Our complete line of duplex three-way (6-port) transfer valves was developed specifically for use with two filters, two heat exchangers, two supply tanks or with other dual systems -- positive displacement oil transfer pumps and rotary air pumps are also our specialties.

American Made

all Kraissl products are manufactured in the U.S.A. to assure high quality workmanship and materials at affordable prices

Multiple Materials

materials of construction include cast iron, bronze, aluminum, steel and other special alloys


authorized Sales & Service Reps. and Distributors are located throughout the World to best serve your needs

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