Klay Instruments B.V.

Klay Instruments B.V.

Nijverheidsweg 5 7991 CZ Dwingeloo Netherlands

AboutKlay Instruments B.V.

About Klay Instruments

Klay Instruments develops and manufactures complete stainless steel instruments for measuring pressure, level, flow and temperature in the process industry. These instruments are being used for automation of industrial processes. Our flexible organisation can respond quickly to different product demands.

With distributors in more than 50 countries Klay Instruments has a worldwide sales and service network.

Features Klay Instruments

  • Extended programme of process instrumentation

  • Wide diversity in design of products

  • All stainless steel instruments

  • Flexible organisation

  • ISO 9001:2015 certified

Short history

Klay Instruments (details) was founded in 1978 starting with developping and manufacturing pneumatic instruments. The electronical instruments came rather quickly after the start of the company.