Via del Corriere, 27, 15060 Basaluzzo AL, Italy


Why create the “Valve Technology Space” today?

To remind us of who we are and where we come from.

Through an overview of our past and present production we retrace our history which reconnects to the vast history of Italian and global industrial production. For us, this space is ideally a bridge between the past and the future, between accomplished projects and others which involve surpassing new goals.

Architecturally speaking the facilities built have been inspired by this criterion.

In a space which reminds us of the morphology of piping, our journey begins with the history that goes from the Roman aqueducts to the 60s prototypes.

Continuing on, we find various types of valves produced by Italvalv of the past and present.We know the faces of the men and women who make our Company a major operator thanks to their daily professionalism and commitment.

Finally, we enter the area dedicated to New Technologies: a glance at what we are about to accomplish.. a glance at the future of Italvalv.

ITALVALV designs and manufactures a comprehensive range of products.The use of the most modern design and production techniques and the competencies of highly qualified and dedicated staff give ITALVALV the ability to meet strict customer requirements and to mantain the highest reputation for the quality of its products.Design engineers are able to offer to Customers complete and intelligent solutions to function with maximum reliability.Our main goal is to meet strict requirements and applications that commodity valves are not able to meet.

Design and manufacture industrial valves cooperating with customer in order to obtain reach the best product in technology, reliability and service terms.Our company culture and working philosophy are based on the following core values: ideals, passion, research, technology.New generations represent our future: enthusiasm, decision, faith in young generations are the strength to continue in developing new idea and to grow.