Intercon Paper

Intercon Paper

4545 Leston St., Dallas, TX 75247

AboutIntercon Paper

If you need paper, sheeting, rewinding, trimming, warehouse storage, and/or logistic services, call us we can help!

Our products and services have the highest quality to meet U.S Printing and Packaging Standards.

With the support of our Mill relationships we offer a vast array of paper products and converting services. Custom sheet and roll sizes are available upon request.

As standard operating procedure and as a convenience to you we offer state of the art just in time inventory management system.

Intercon Paper has been in business since 1998. Our dedicated management and sales team has over 40+ years experience. If an issue were to arise we are a quick phone call away.

Our low cost organization structure offers more than just competitive prices. We will work with you to get the business.

We have a strong commitment to a green environment. One example of how we accomplish is by offering different recycling programs for our different types of paper.

At Intercon paper we know how important it is to understand each client support and find the best solution to fit their needs. Our goal is to “know our clients and offer total satisfaction”.

Minority owned and operated.