Iguacu Cellulose

Iguacu Cellulose

Alameda Santa Mônica 01São José dos Pinhais• PR • Brazil

AboutIguacu Cellulose

IGUAÇU Celulose, Papel S.A. is a company that operates in the pulp, paper and industrial bags segments. With industrial units located in the states of Paraná and Santa Catarina, we work with a vertical management structure, which ensures delivery and the best paper production.

Reinforcing this position, today Iguaçu is one of the largest exporters of paper bags in Brazil. In addition, our company is vice leader in the production of industrial bags in the domestic market. Regarding the paper segment, Iguaçu is proud to be the second largest manufacturer of kraft paper for bags in the country.

Since its foundation, the company has grown and expanded its activities and reached national and international recognition for its use of raw materials with controlled guarantee of origin, for having productive processes guided by the concept of sustainability and its respective practices.

With integrated production, own forestry base, and machines and equipment under constant updating, IGUAÇU has installed capacity and operational effectiveness to deliver quality products, in accordance with customer requirements and the main certifications in the market