Hunkeler AG Paper Processing

Hunkeler AG Paper Processing

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AboutHunkeler AG Paper Processing

However varied the applications may be, they all need paper. And anyone who processes paper and print knows our name as a byword for excellence. It stands for “Excellence in Paper Processing”. That is our constant claim. Working for the printing industry since 1922, we are an owner-managed family business which today has some 280 employees around the world. Hunkeler AG is one of the world market leaders in the development, construction and sale of paper finishing systems for high-performance digital printing.

Hunkeler’s role as a technology leader is confirmed by thousands of successful installations over the world. Leading digital press manufactures and users of all kinds appreciate our expertise. From banks and insurance companies, printing companies, publishing houses and mail rooms to print service providers and nishers, our excellence in paper processing is at home everywhere. Global representatives and subsidiary companies in Germany, Italy, France, Hong Kong, Brazil and North America expert sales and service in a spirit of partnership.


Reliability is first and foremost a personal matter. That is why, in our firm, specialists with the finest training and top references serve their clients. High-tech specialists and qualified craftsmen, expert advisors, project managers with international experience – and of course young people being prepared for the future. Trainees represent around 10% of our workforce.


Demanding and getting the best. Numerous patents, and audits – including the product design award – are proof of this. With thousands of successful installations and a broad product portfolio, our solutions have repeatedly proven their worth as safe investments.


As a partner of leading printing machinery manufacturers and finishing suppliers, Hunkeler aims to share its knowledge. Since the first event in 1994, Innovation Days has become established as a global meeting that attracts over 6000 industry professionals. The event is held every two years in Lucerne.


Continuous investment in advanced equipment and an appropriate infrastructure are a core principle at Hunkeler. In the new Customer Care Center C3 we offer comprehensive line demonstrations as well as training and further education seminars with a measurable effect on your production process.


Are the print colors correct and consistent throughout the print process? Are the number and sequence of pages correct? Was the right envelope selected? Thanks to flawless web inspection and tracking, you will have good answers to these questions and more in the future. It’s always better to be on the safe side, with Hunkeler as your trusted partner.


Safety first – machine safety as well as protecting the environment. Hunkeler modules and solutions are CE-compliant, satisfy UL directives and stand for top quality as confirmed by our ISO 9001 certification. But Hunkeler is also keen on ecological, economic and social sustainability. We satisfy the challenging environmental criteria for RoHs and REACH. At the same time, together with our partners in the printing industry, we have set ourselves a challenging target: by optimizing digital print and further processing we want to reduce CO2 emissions from the whole branch by 30% by the year 2020.